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Published: 15th August 2010
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Electric shavers always have some flaw and cannot do the job of the old disposable blades for a clean shaving. This was my notion on electric shaver after using some of the best product in the market. As a heavy bearded man I couldn't depend on electric shaver for a clean shave as it would always miss some hair to capture forcing me to use trimmer or the likes.

Trust me, I would have never bought an electric shaver myself but I got this Braun electric shaver as a least expected gift. Since then a lot has changed about my concept on electric shaver. At last, this Braun shaver lives up to the hype as the best ever to date, period.

Technology and Unique Selling Proposition

This is the first time Braun is using a Gillette technology for its cutter block and foil. Even if Braun and Gillette are subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble they use their own technology and methods for their own shaver. This may not be the reason but the performance of Braun series 5, electric shaver, and model 8985 is incredible. The technology captures more hair easily and normally one or two stroke is good enough to give a clean shave.

The best reason to credit for its high end performance and consistency is the technology of clean and renew system. Braun shaver comes with a cleaning device that clean and renew the shaver's head with an alcohol based cleaning solution along with oil for lubrication. After the cleaning and renewing the shaver's head the performance is back to hundred percent and also add fresh lemon scent.

Unlike most electric shaver you can be very confident that you wouldn't get irritation or rashes on your skin unless there are other medical reasons. You always get a very smooth experience of shaving.
The model use LED lights indicator to display various information and status of the shaver. Some models like the 8995 of series 5 uses LCD and give more information. You can get information for parts replacement and other information related to your shaver. The shaver information can be reset with a button once you replaced the parts.


Cutter block and foil needs to be replaced after every 18 months for better performance. Of course, this will depend on your usage and may last longer than the company's recommendation. Generally, Braun electric shaver's head last for more than 2 years. I am yet to experience as to how long it last.

I won't say maintenance is cheap for your favorite shaver. You need to buy the cleaning solution refills which cost $15.73 for 3 packs at the time of writing this review. You will need about 5-6 packs of clean and renew refills for a year supply.

The cleaning solution is alcohol based and it can evaporate fast and will still continue to evaporate even if you don't use them. To avoid such problem you can remove the refill cartridge from the cleaning station and reseal the cap whenever you don't use them.

Best Buy

The best electric shaver is not cheap but it is very reasonable. Considering the quality and performance, the product is a definite bargain for the price available in the market. The best buy available from online resources is $139.99. I would advice to check online competitive prices from retailers rather than paying full price to local shop.

Sometime you just don't get the right information online even after spending hours of research online to buy the right products. Get more information on Braun Clean and Renew refills and Braun Shaver Parts discounts.

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